January 29, 2009

Ready, Set, Go

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sbs019964This thing on your screen is the first entry of an occasional blog focusing on the joys, disappointments, and challenges of working at an advertising agency.

When I was 28 and went to work as an official card-carrying Account Executive in a small agency in Rochester, NY I knew I’d finally stumbled into the Ideal Job for Me. It was challenging, scary, invigorating, glamorous in an after work cocktail kind of way, and it came with its own Amex card. I got to sort out marketing problems, travel, write copy occasionally, and produce TV spots.

I’ll never forget the unanticipated high one day early on when I watched the guy next to me on a plane reading “my” ad in a national magazine.

Since that first agency job there’ve been a half dozen more in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Chicago. I was even lured to the other side of the desk for a while as manager of marketing communications for a Fortune 20 company.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing. Sure, there were promotions, but also dismissals, (I hate the word ‘fired’ ), a couple of messed up marriages, and a few blatantly bad decisions. I worked with jerks and but also princes, on scores of accounts great and tiny, and along the way learned a lot.

That’s why I’m giving this blog thing a spin: to offer tips and opinions on what it takes to succeed, share a few stories, and get some conversations started about the razzle-dazzle world of advertising.

This won’t work without getting your pushback and participation so I hope you’ll join in regularly. Sign up for the RSS feed, OK?

It’s going to be a lot of fun. Just like the ad biz.

Your 2 Cents

What do you want to talk about here? Or get answers to? Or offer an opinion on.

Go ahead. Throw a question or topic out and we’ll see what happens.


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