March 26, 2010

Sound Retweet

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social-media-geniuses-cartoon-twoonsI’m quitting Twitter.

For more than a year I’ve been preaching the wonders of Twitterdom to agency folks and others. But today I’m facing up to it: Twitter just doesn’t work for me.

I dove into Twitter a year ago January when it became obvious that Tweeting was the new cool thing (God forbid I’d miss that!). I started squirting out choppy 140-character opinions on advertising minutiae and even some personal stuff that would have been interesting only to my mom. And she’s not around any more.

Google Reader and RSS feeds sent a firehoseful of data, blogs, and arcania to wade through so there’d be oceans of material to pluck from. Tweeting turned into re-tweeting. Then it was re-tweeting the re-tweets. The opening page on my Pre, iTouch, and PC was Tweetdeck, and tweets were scheduled weeks in advance. Connected and committed was I.

But now I’m weary with always trying to think of something to share which might remotely interest others. Frankly, my thought balloons just aren’t that damn interesting. Even to me. And why should they be? As my wife reminded me bluntly, “Face it, you’re not Ashton Kutcher.”

She’s got that right – his Twitter count is over a million and mine is stuck around 100. Guess that says it all.

The truth is I get zero personal payback from blurting my take on mundane stuff to strangers. And that’s the crux. My tweeting does little for me and probably even less for others. There’s a crude metaphor for this kind of behavior, but we’ll leave it unsaid.

So, no more @grantvertising tweets. And for our family and personal pals, no more @joelisaramblin tweets either. This blog, however – the one you’re reading now – will continue as will Ramblin’ On about our travel adventures in the Rock Star bus.

But for now it’s Good Night, ‘Tweet Prince.


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  1. Joe, you’ve joined 77% of all Twitter users — that is, being a non-user. I like Twitter; I’m comfortable with it and have made some great contacts. (Today, in fact, an agency out of the U.K. became a follower — they do healthcare marketing, too. I hope it leads to some across the pond conversations.) But Twitter is like all tools — as marketers, communicators, artists, etc. we decide what feels best to us and go with it.

    Comment by Stephen Moegling — March 26, 2010 @ 4:22 pm

  2. Thanks, Stephen. Now I feel a lot less guilty.

    Comment by Joe — March 28, 2010 @ 11:30 am

  3. Joe,
    Somehow I never got past the name. Twit was not the most positive appellation during my formative years and the plural was no better. Birds twitter and it never means much other than they are happy with themselves. It does seem to be the favorite channel of “why would I care to know this about you and what you are doing right now.” Facebook, maybe, though not yet. LinkedIn has my name and about 60% of what they’d like me to tell, though I must confess I’m not very active. Actually, only active to accept others saying they want to link to me. It’s beginning to sound like I miss the smell of Magic Markers. Don’t think I’ll ever sound that way about Twitter.

    Comment by Perry — March 30, 2010 @ 4:48 pm

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